Splendid Winners!

Winners have been randomly drawn from the pool of comments. An email has been sent to each of them. If you haven't responded to that email, please get back to me right away!

Thanks to everyone for participating. This international group of thousands of quilters made this an awesome event.

Judy T
The best part of this journey is learning all the new techniques from fantastic designers. Paper piecing and colour placement have been my favourite and what I have gotten the most out of. I know can look at fabrics in a different way and see it in many ways instead of just plain beige. Thank you so much everyone for allowing to join in on this journey

Susan S
I think the thing that inspired me most about the splendid sampler was that it made me get out of my comfort zone. Trying different techniques and using them together in the same quilt are things I don’t usually do. I love piecing and usually stick with that. The applique, paper piecing and embroidery really offered challenges that I don’t normally attempt.

Jessica T
My favorite part was how much I learned through trying new techniques, how much more confident I am to try something “hard” and how friendly, kind and helpful everyone in the FB page was! (Ok technically that’s 3 things)  Splendid sampler was awesome!

Nancy R
WOW what a marvelous blog with … fantastic quilts
I love all of them
Thank you

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