The Splendid Sampler - Simple Simon

Welcome Splendid Sampler Quilters!


I've got a super quick fun block for you to add to your Splendid Sampler collection. It's called Simple Simon.

My story involves my constant desire to figure out an easier way. If you ever watched the television show "McGyver", that's what some of my family members call me - my efforts are not limited to quilting :-)!  You'll see how this splendid little block starts out as a nine patch and emerges as Simple Simon.

First we are going to start out with a quick tutorial on seam allowance.  Yes, this is an easy block, but seam allowance is still really important.

Lets get started!

How to get a Splendid perfect scant 1/4" Seam Allowance

What is a scant 1/4"? It's important in quilting because it is just shy of a full 1/4". It accommodates the thickness of the thread used to sew the seam.

You need 2 - 2" x 2" squares of scrap fabric.


A Perfect Piecing Seam Guide (from Perkins Dry Goods) makes the job of marking your machine bed OR moving your needle to the right easy! The Perfect Piecing Seam Guide has a hole drilled through it, which makes it really easy to get the placement just right.If you don't have one of these tools, use any small ruler.  Line up the needle just to the right of the 1/4" line, put the presser foot down to hold it in place and mark your machine bed with tape or post-it notes.


Sew a scant 1/4" seam along one side of the paired 2" squares.SA-test-1

Press seam to one side.

The unit should measure 2" x 3-1/2".

Quilter's math:  2" + 2" = 4, minus 1/2" seam allowance = 3-1/2"


You are good to go!

Let's start this Splendid block...!

Click here for the pattern.

Sew squares together and follow the pressing arrows.

Block assembly-06

Cut the nine patch in half both ways. You should have 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" square segments.

Block assembly-02

Sew the 1" x 3-1/4" strips between the top and bottom segments.

Press toward the strips.

Block assembly-04

Sew the 1" x 6-1/2" strip between the rows.

Press toward the strip.

Splendid Block assembly-03

Done! 6-1/2" x 6-1/2"

Splendid Block assembly-05

Now for a discussion on SASHING!

I LOVE sashing!

These Splendid Sampler blocks are all beautifully unique - which can make sewing them to one another challenging! One of things that I've found to work really well is sashing between unique blocks. Just a thought! I don't know how you will decide to put your blocks together, and there will be options discussed as the year goes on.

I call Sashing of all kinds the great neutralizer.  It buffers the connection between blocks and allows things to lay smooth and happy. The sashing pictured here is cut 2". The triangles that were added to the blocks first are cut diagonally one time from a 5-1/2" square.

Splendid Sashing


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