Quilt Dots Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour! Are you familiar with Quilt Dots?

Thank you for participating in the Quilt Dots "We Love Our Designers" Blog Tour!

Quilt Dots have quilt images on them...check out the Perkins Dry Goods collection here.

They come as magnets, pins, bookmarks or pendants.

And guess what? There will be a giveaway on February 14th.

To enter you need to "Like" the post on the Perkins Dry Goods Facebook page (click on the image below to get there).

Quilt Dots Also, be sure to visit the Quilt Dots blog to catch up on the designers you might have missed!

These are some of the quilts that are featured in the Dots!  You can make these quilts too. They are available at PerkinsDryGoods.com

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